Some of the postmodern enemies of the Baptist Christians can be identified at

There are three theology books that need to be answered by Bible believing Baptists. They are pictured above.

All three of these books were written in the early to mid-1980ís at the beginning of the conservative rush of the right wing. They reflected a shift in theological thought in America .

The books (and others like them) are available at

They were never answered. These works formed a base for the writings of Benjamin Hart, John Whitehead, Gary DeMarr, Andrew Sandlin, D. James Kennedy and David Barton. The authors included in  the above are for the most part catholic Reformed Presbyterians and all are powerful among Baptist Christian schools and home schoolers.

The authors of the articles in these books include: James B. Jordan, Pat Robertson, Gary North, R. J. Rushdoony (their undisputed leader), Craig Bulkley, John Whitehead, Ray Sutton, Peter Lillback, Francis Schaffer, T. Robert Ingram, Joseph C. Morecraft, and even the founder of the American militia movement, Larry Pratt.

These men have a couple of things in common: for the most part, they deny the imminent return of Jesus (as loyal postmillennialists) and they believe Baptist theology and principles to be SECULAR HUMANISM. Yes, believe it or not. Read for yourself. You can download their opinions at

    Since the 80ís, Rushdoony and Schaffer have died. Sandlin and Whitehead have distanced himself from the reconstructionists. Gary North made a buffoon out of himself during Y2K and is now hiding out at Rushdoony and Schaeffer (posthumously), DeMarr, Sandlin, Kennedy and Barton need to be challenged.

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