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The dismantling of the Baptist churches has been an ongoing thing. Our identify has been destroyed, and there are questions that demand answers:

Why is our Baptist Christian heritage hidden from us? 
How did it happen? Is it not strange, even frightening? 
How is it our children do not know their own heritage? 
What are the issues? And what is at stake? 

The issues concern the return of the Lord, and the principles of civil government. These issues are the greatest issues in life. Our view (worldview) of the return of the Lord and our view of human government rule our lives. 

The Religious Right in America has amassed great wealth and political power in the past thirty years. Some of it has come at the expense of the Baptists. What Baptist people do not know is that some of our association with the right wing has damaged us. It has damaged our churches and especially our unique school system. And it has had a dulling effect on our home schools. But just as someone may freeze to death by falling asleep in the snow, the Baptists are numb to the dangers. It is of preeminent importance that we awaken. 

Baptist Christians need to awaken before their principles are totally destroyed. Whether you believe it or not, this country is dependent upon Baptists maintaining their principles. Dr. J. Q. Adams, great Baptist theologian of the end of the nineteeth century wrote, “American principles are, basically Baptist principles.” Those principles are immortalized in the Declaration of Independence. 

How Baptists are in danger of being destroyed can be illustrated by the words of Alexander Solzenitisyn: “To destroy a people you must first sever their roots.” Solzenitisyn should know, he saw his own native Russia destroyed by deceit, propaganda, and revolution. Three primary roots of the American Baptists have been severed: Ancient Ancestry, Revival Heritage and American Principles. We must work together, to reconnect with our heritage. This will cause us to come face to face with the actions of the Catholic and Reformed, who throughout history have waged a campaign of disregard, deceit, and death against the Baptists. We must expose the actions of the modern “catholic Reformed Reconstructionists” in their quest to reconstruct the Baptist school and home school movements. 

We Baptists are making some terrible mistakes. We have abdicated our pulpits and classrooms to our enemies without knowing the full background of the so-called culture war. While we have been sleeping, or dazed with the work of the ministry, our adversaries have been cutting away at our fundamental principles. 

A recent survey of seven major preaching conferences was made examining the sermons delivered to a needy Baptist public. Sermon content was examined to see the thrust of the messages and especially to determine the illustrations used to make the teaching clear. A tally of quotes was also noted. The results are indicative of the direction and mindset of the Baptists. There was no reference to the ancient or American Baptists in the messages. None. No references to any of the great leaders of the Baptists in American history. The only Baptist mentioned was Charles Haddon Spurgeon. When coupled with the nearly non-existent references to the Baptists in our grade school and high school curriculum, this is alarming. 

Baptist Christians need to mend their ties to the Donatists, the Waldensians, the Paulicians, John Clarke, Roger Williams, Obadiah Holmes, Thomas Gould, Shubal Stearns, John Leland, Isaac Backus and the host of Baptist sufferers and patriots. Never heard of them? Why not? The Presbyterians know the names of John Calvin, John Knox, Jonathan Edwards, Gilbert Tennet, and John Witherspoon. The Methodists know the names of John and Charles Wesley, Sam Jones and Gipsy Smith. I guarantee Fundamentalists know the names of Dwight Moody, J. Wilber Chapman and Billy Sunday. None of these men, though they were great, were Baptist. These men did not suffer like our forefathers suffered, and believe it or not, neither were their works as great. 

Is it not strange that Baptists don’t know their greatest evangelists: Jeremiah Moore, Daniel Marshall, Abraham Marshall, John Taylor, Alfred Taylor, and the host of the Separate Baptists? Is it not strange that Baptists are not acquainted with the greatest church builder of the 18th and 19th centuries: Shubal Stearns? Or the greatest of American statesmen, Roger Williams, John Clarke and Isaac Backus? Or the greatest American missionary, Isaac McCoy? I challenge you to ask your children to name a great Christian from the past. Preachers, ask your congregations. Other than Spurgeon, they couldn’t name a Baptist. Ask them to name a great ball player and they will give you dozens. Our enemies have been very successful in their attacks. 

The Roman Catholic Church and her doctrines are easily identifiable and contrary to Baptist principles. However a subtler enemy to the Baptists is the catholic Reformed. Some might argue that the influence of the catholic Reformed upon Baptists is a Trojan horse, a stealth operation aimed at destruction from within. However, evidence will show that their influence is more assimilation, destruction by unification. Baptists are supposedly “Re-formed” from “Mother” church, and our only difference with Protestants is immersion. And since immersion (according to the theory of William H. Whitsitt) has only existed since 1641, it is not important. The end of such doctrine is powerlessness, loss of distinction, and the triumph of Antichrist. Our forefathers knew this. We don’t. It is high time we did.

The purpose of this website is to expose the work of the catholic Reformed and answer our enemies. As you read and become reacquainted with your true history you may be led of God to write an answer to those who would destroy you. Send your loved ones and friends here, distribute the materials offered and pray for our distracted country.