About James Beller

It is incredible that as I began to re-state historic Baptist and American principles in briefings across America, I was accused of being LIBERAL. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am an independent, Bible-believing Baptist. I use, believe and defend the King James Bible. I am opposed to modernism, postmodernism, formalism, dead orthodoxy and compromise with the world. I am pro-life, opposed to abortion, opposed to so-called “gay” rights and wary of open borders. 

However, I am neither Democrat, Republican, Libertarian nor a member of any other political party. I believe to marry yourself to a political party can make you reluctant to call those fellow party members to repentance.

Some have accused me of being a “Calvinist.” This is not true, and I vehemently oppose Augustinianism in all of its forms including “Calvinism.” I’m an ex-Roman Catholic, who was converted at age 17 after reading a gospel tract, and I have journeyed as far away from Rome as I can get. 

I believe that the polarized political spectrums of Left and Right have American and Baptist heritage wrong. And it is high time Baptists got their true identity back. If we do not, the vital principles of the Baptists will fade away and with it, the vital principles of American Government.

There is no doubt in my mind, that there exists an orchestrated effort to destroy Baptist principles of church government and civil government. It is a very real attack and it is aimed at our colleges, day schools and home schools. I have launched baptistchristianworldview.com to thwart that attack.


Note: The purpose of this website is to expose the work of the catholic Reformed and answer our enemies. As you read and become reacquainted with your true history you may be led of God to write an answer to those who would destroy you. Send your loved ones and friends here, distribute the materials offered and pray for our distracted country.