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"The Clearing of Gilbert's Creek"

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 LONG LOADING TIME...Worth it, though!

In February of 2003, Pastor Faggart met Pastor James Beller of the Arnold Baptist Tabernacle and a group of men and preacher-boys from Arnold Baptist Tabernacle at the site of Gilbert's Creek Baptist Church, just north of Preachersville, Kentucky.

Gilbert's Creek is the site of the landing of the Travelling Church, a group of Baptist pioneers who in the winter of 1789,  migrated with their pastor, Lewis Craig from Spottsylvania, Virginia to central Kentucky. From Gilbert's Creek, many great preachers came including William Hickman and the fabulous John Taylor, who saw the power of God in the great wilderness revival at the turn of the nineteenth century. 

Gilbert's Creek has been all but abandoned. The clearing of the area is a start which we hope and pray will result in a real restoration of that great location of our reemerging heritage.

Below are posted some pictures from the effort at Gilbert's Creek.

The Site is at the top of a steep hill behind private property Here is a view of the Creek from which the church named itself: Gibert's Creek, from the top of the hill.
The guys who made it happen. Brush
More Brush The Monument covered with brush
Plaque on the monument. Us
Graveyard Work. Bro. James McCarrell, Bro. Beller, Bro. Faggart, 
All of us with the church site cleared. Part of the Separate-Baptist Preacher-boy Society with Bro. Kohl

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